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By Chris Tan 12 July 2021
5 min read

Premium Forwards

There are only three players priced at 9.0 and above, but given that budget will be taken by two premium midfielders it’s very difficult to squeeze any of them in.


H. Kane

12.0 M | forward | Spurs

Not much needs to be said about him. He finished only eight points behind Salah, as the third highest points scorer in the game. He used to be all about the goals, but he’s added assists to his games and he’s on penalties. He’s a great option if he stays at Spurs and if he moves to City then he’s an automatic buy.

Mid-priced Forwards

With the reduction to impact points from 1.0 to 0.3 these options become far more valuable than they were last season. They can score against anybody and the win isn’t as important anymore.


D. Calvert-Lewin

8.0 M | forward | Everton

16 goals and six assists was a respectable performance last season given he doesn’t take penalties. They have a reasonable opening fixture run and he’s mastered the art of scoring the box. Rafa is viewed as a defensive manager, but during his spells at Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle his sides have averaged 1.53 goals per game, which isn’t terrible.


P. Bamford

7.5 M | forward | Leeds

is 0.5 cheaper than on FPL. I expect Leeds to be even better this season and he’s the spearhead of their attack plus he takes the penalties. 17 goals and 11 assists is an outstanding achievement. He underperformed his expected data too and if he can improve his finishing then a similar or better return isn’t unlikely. However, Leeds have a brutal opening fixture run, so it might be worth pencilling him in for a trade after a few weeks.


O. Watkins

7.5 M | forward | Aston Villa

Tammy Abraham might be returning to Villa Park, which will significantly reduce the appeal of Watkins. However, if he remains their only striker then the chances will come and 14 goals plus nine assists was a respectable debut season. Villa have three great fixtures then they get tough. Trading him with Bamford (if you can find 0.5) could be an option (although Bamford also has a tough Gameweek four).


K. Iheanacho

7.5 M | forward | Leicester

At the end of last season he, not Vardy, was the talisman for Leicester (he scored 12 goals in 16 starts) and momentum often follows into the new season. Although he doesn’t have penalty duties, the three million premium for Vardy doesn’t seem good value.


C. Wilson

7.5 M | forward | Newcastle

We saw the improvement to Newcastle’s attack at the end of last season, engineered by Graeme Jones. When fit, Wilson scores goals (12 plus six assists in 23 starts). He’s on penalties and he’s a bonus magnet.


M. Antonio

7.5 M | forward | West Ham

Is undergoing a renaissance as a striker and if West Ham don’t buy anyone in the Summer he will continue to be the focal point of their attack. He recorded 15 attacking returns in 26 appearances last season.


R. Jiménez Rodríguez

7.0 M | forward | Wolves

Suffered a terrible head injury which took him out for the season. In the previous two years he got 23 and 24 attacking returns. He’s a player of proven quality, he takes penalties and has a new attack minded manager. He could be a bargain.

Budget Forwards


N. Maupay

6.0 M | forward | Brighton

If Brighton had a top quality striker they would be a solid mid-table side. Sadly, they have Maupay and Welbeck (unless they buy someone else) and neither is an amazing option but both will enjoy plenty of chances. Their opening fixture run is great, but there are potentially some better options.


D. Tackie Mensah Welbeck

6.0 M | forward | Brighton

See Maupay.


K. Bakumo-Abraham

6.5 M | forward | Chelsea

He only becomes viable if he moves to another club. He’s a proven Premier League goal scorer, with 15 goals for Chelsea the season before last. A move to Villa would make him very appealing, especially as they’ve signed Buendia who is an assist king (he made 16 for Norwich in the Championship last season).


I. Toney

6.0 M | forward | Brentford

Brentford came up the hard way, but they have some player here. In the Championship he racked up 31 goals (he scored nine out of nine penalties) and 10 assists in 44 starts. He’s 0.5 cheaper than on FPL and could be a bargain.


T. Pukki

6.0 M | forward | Norwich

Set the league alight last time Norwich were here, however losing Buendia is a terrible blow. In the Championship, Pukki scored 26 last season and 11 in their last Premier League campaign.


J. Junqueira de Jesus

5.5 M | forward | Watford

Was the second top scorer (nine goals) after Sarr for Watford in the Championship. He’s only 19, plays as their striker and has bags of talent. However, Deeney may rotate with him and I think Sarr is the best way to gain exposure to Watford.

Final thoughts

The way that FanTeam has priced the players this season steers me towards a 3-4-3 structure, as there are a multitude of solid mid-priced forward options that can easily be switched around at similar price points. On that basis I would avoid the non-playing 4.5 forward enablers, as you can pick up playing midfielders at that price point.

That’s it for our Forwards to Target analysis for the FanTeam and DreamSport pre-season! Did we miss anyone or do you have any other questions? If so make sure to hit us up over on our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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