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By Chris Tan 12 July 2021
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Premium Midfielders

There’s an overlap between Premium and Mid-priced so I’ve decided my cut off point is 10.0 and I’ve split the Mid-priced category. The pricing of Mane (12.0) was lazy, De Bruyne (12.0) didn’t do enough last season to merit his rise and it remains to be seen whether Sterling (11.0) is still out of favour with Pep.


M. Salah Ghaly

12.5 M | midfielder | Liverpool

Nothing really needs to be said. He’s just had his ‘worst’ season where he scored 22 goals and made six assists to gain 231 points. You rarely have to worry about rotation, he’s on penalties and has a hunger for goals. With an opening fixture against Norwich I expect his effective ownership to be over 100%.


B. Borges Fernandes

12.0 M | midfielder | Man Utd

Was the highest scoring player in the game last season with 244 points, although he did tail off at the end. He recorded 18 goals, 14 assists and 36 bonus points (Salah got 21) highlighting that he has far more avenues for points than Salah. We all know how many penalties United get. Their opening four fixtures are very kind too.


H. Son

10.0 M | midfielder | Spurs

Son has so much quality (last season he recorded 17 goals, 11 assists and 228 points), but we don’t know how Nuno will adjust things for Spurs or if Kane will still be around. With the above two taking up most of the budget and the fact that they have penalty duties, this is very much a wait and see for me.

In reality, given their calibre and fixtures, I expect most preseason drafts to contain the top two names.

Upper Mid-priced Midfielders


R. Mahrez

9.0 M | midfielder | Man City

Appears to have taken penalty duties from KDB. He offers superior goal threat and similar creativity stats for a fraction of the price. There are question marks around whether he’s staying and whether he will be displaced, but if pre-season indicates he’s starting then he’s well worth consideration before the Champions League rotation kicks in.


K. Havertz

8.5 M | midfielder | Chelsea

Havertz started the season poorly but finished it very well (10 attacking returns in 18 starts) and looks to have cemented his place in Tuchel’s front three. He offers more upside than Mount, but the 1.0 saving could prove useful elsewhere. Mount is a ‘glue’ option. Someone you can leave in your team and they will provide a steady trickle of points. They’re not a captaincy candidate, they’re just a solid asset. He’s an all rounder with reasonable goal threat (6), assist potential (7) and he’s a bonus magnet (16). Their opening fixtures are tough though, it might be prudent to wait a few weeks and hope for a discount.


M. Mount

7.5 M | midfielder | Chelsea

See Havertz.


J. Grealish

8.0 M | midfielder | Aston Villa

Even if he remains at Villa, he’s a great price. Last season he recorded six goals and 12 assists in just 22 starts. If he moves to City those totals will only increase, as several of the chances he created weren’t converted last season.

Mid-priced Midfielders


N. Pépé

7.5 M | midfielder | Arsenal

it’s unclear how Arsenal will fare this season or if they will stick with their 4-2-3-1. If they do then Pepe is an extremely exciting option that really blossomed at the end of the season and ended up as their joint second scorer with 10 goals.


B. Saka

6.5 M | midfielder | Arsenal

Saka is class and needs to play, the interesting aspect will be where he manages to slot in. If he can get a consistent place on the wings then he offers amazing value.


J. Willock

6.0 M | midfielder | Arsenal

Willock isn’t an option for Arsenal, but if he goes back to Newcastle or a similar side then he’s worth consideration given his scoring run at the end of last season. Arsenal have a tough Gameweek two and three, so it might be worth waiting a few weeks before you invest.


D. Teixeira da Silva

7.5 M | midfielder | Liverpool

He comes with a rotation warning. There are only three slots available at Liverpool and four very good players. However, even when he makes a cameo he’s always a threat. He scored nine goals in just 12 starts last season. With Liverpool’s kind opening run, a double up in midfield could pay dividends.


R. Dias Belloli

6.5 M | midfielder | Leeds

Both Raphinha and Harrison are very kindly priced given how much Bamford has increased by. Last season, Harrison got 27 more points than Raphinha, two more attacking returns and four more bonus points. However, he started eight more games. Given the choice, I prefer Raphinha, as the set pieces give him more avenues for points.


J. Harrison

6.0 M | midfielder | Leeds

See Raphinha.


I. Sarr

6.0 M | midfielder | Watford

When he last featured in the Premier League he scored five and assisted 12 in 22 starts, which was seriously impressive and I was surprised he didn’t leave when Watford were relegated. He was Watford’s top performer in the Championship with 13 goals and four assists from 39 starts. He also appears to be the secondary penalty taker after Deeney. Watford’s opening schedule is relatively kind and he’s well worth a punt.


M. Benrahma

6.0 M | midfielder | West Ham

If Lingard doesn’t return then there’s a free slot that’s perfect for Benrahma who has so much attacking potential and should improve after a season with the Hammers. However, there is a lot of competition in his position and it remains to be seen whether he’s going to be a regular. Soucek is the safer option, he always plays. Last season he scored 10 goals, created two assists and achieved a respectable 147 points (16 bonus).


T. Souček

6.0 M | midfielder | West Ham

Budget Midfielders

For this category, we’re often reliant on players switching clubs to provide some reasonable options. If they’re going to be used as your budget enabler, it’s important to pick someone that is guaranteed to play in case you ever need to use them as your emergency sub.


B. Mbeumo

5.5 M | midfielder | Brentford

He’s classified as a midfielder, but appears to have played up front alongside the prolific Toney. He is very much Robin to Batman but he’s not without his merits. Last season he scored eight goals and made 10 assists.


E. Smith Rowe

5.5 M | midfielder | Arsenal

With Ødegaard returning to Madrid there’s a gap to be filled in the hole (although rumour has it they’re after Lingard). Smith-Rowe really impressed when he played in that role last season and offers a cheaper alternative to Pepe / Saka.


D. Castelo Podence

5.5 M | midfielder | Wolves

It’s unknown how Wolves will perform without Nuno, but they still have the same players and that’s a lot of exciting talent at disposal. Wolves have a tough opening three fixtures, which should be sufficient time to assess how they look.


A. Yarmolenko

5.5 M | midfielder | West Ham

We all know what he’s capable of and he’s demonstrated it during the Euros. The only issue is his fitness and (as mentioned for Benrahma) whether or not he can secure a regular spot in the team.


Y. Bissouma

4.5 M | midfielder | Brighton

Bissouma is the safe and nailed option in a solid Brighton team. I wouldn’t expect much from him other than appearance points.


J. Moder

4.5 M | midfielder | Brighton

Moder plays in a more attacking role and he impressed at the back end of last season. If you’re looking for a 4.5 enabler I would be tempted to take a risk here, although be mindful of what I mentioned above.


B. Gilmour

4.5 M | midfielder | Norwich

Only becomes an option if he gets a loan deal elsewhere (it looks like he’s gone to Norwich).

Final thoughts

I usually structure my midfield with two premiums, two to three (if playing five midfielders) mid-priced and one budget (if playing three forwards).

That’s it for our Midfielders to Target analysis for the FPL pre-season! Did we miss anyone or do you have any other questions? If so make sure to hit us up over on our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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