How the FPL
points system works
By Drafthound Team 11th December 2020
3 min read

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Time on pitch: You want players that play most of the match. It allows more time to make FPL point events and time on the field in itself gives (easy) FPL points (2 points for playing minimum 60 min - these are probably the easiest FPL points to predict).

Goals and assists: These attacking returns are favored for all positions so look for penalty takers and other set pieces (assist: 3 points and goal depends on position).

The team “star” (Salah, KdB, Bamford etc.): There is a bonus point system (BPS) where the three best players during a match are awarded points (1-3 points) dependent on a number of underlying stats that usually favor the team stars.

Yellow and red cards: They give minus points (-1 and -2 points). It’s not a decisive factor but if you can avoid the defensive-minded heavy tacklers, do so.


Clean sheets (4 points): It’s basically all that matters .

Saves (1 point for each 3 saves): It also matters but it’s hard to predict and less significant.


Clean sheets (4 points): Same score as goalkeeper but defenders have higher chance of attacking returns - that’s why goalkeepers are generally not that high priced.

Assists (3 points): Quite likely from attacking backs and especially wing-backs.

Goals (6 points): Harder to predict a scoring defender, however, high centers may have a good chance on corners.


Assists and goals (3 and 5 points): Nothing much more to say.

Clean sheets (1 point): It matters - but you don’t pick midfielders based on clean sheets.


Assists and goals (3 and 4 points): Definitely nothing more to say.

Rule of thumb

Any player getting less than 2 FPL points in a round, is very poor - anything above 5 FPL points is nice - and anything double-digit is amazing!

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