Breaking into
the FPL top 200

an interview with
Anders Ettrup
By Shane from the Drafthound Team 7th January 2021
5 min read
At the time of the interview with Anders, his team 'Ettruppen' was ranked in the top 200 overall in the FPL. You can follow Anders and Ettruppen here.

Hitting the ground running in his first FPL season

The most fascinating thing about Anders and his onslaught on the FPL this year is that it’s the first time he has tried his hand at the official fantasy football game. As he says himself, Anders uses Drafthound to navigate his way through the season, placing added emphasis on the weekly tips found in the Drafthound newsletter.

Anders had played different versions of fantasy football available to him in Denmark in recent years but, for this season, he decided to have a go at the official FPL game.

Since this is his first rodeo, Anders began by using Drafthound and the various tips and tools on the site. He gives particular praise to the articles where he has benefitted from the guides on how to use the site, how to pick his first squad, how to plan for blank and double gameweeks and more.

Using odds in his drafting process

When it comes to stakeholders, there is no-one more invested in ‘getting things right’ than the bookmaker. That’s why it’s always a good idea to follow the odds when it comes to FPL matters. You can do that live from Drafthound. We give you the odds for a team to win a game, the odds for a clean sheet and the odds of any player scoring in a certain match. Odds are effectively the world’s best forecasting algorithms in terms of predicting future events in sports. We let the bookmakers do the hard work for you, then provide you with all the odds you need to make your own decisions and predictions.

Uncovering the hidden gems

Right from the first gameweek in FPL, players are concerned with their team selection - Is there a better choice goalkeeper that you have forgotten? What about some hidden gems in the newly-promoted teams? Just like Anders, you could also be using Drafthound for a quick evaluation of your selection before confirming your team ahead of each FPL deadline. At Drafthound, we are constantly adding data-driven content to help FPL players with any tricky choices you need to make.

Putting it all together

To think that Anders had never ventured into the FPL world until this season, yet, he has already become number 1 in Denmark and broken into the top 200 players worldwide (as per mid-gameweek 16) is simply remarkable.

As Anders describes, sometimes even the very best players just want a quick solution to a problem that they are struggling to solve themselves. Drafthound can assist there too. Our site is user-friendly and easy to understand. All the data-analysis is done behind the scenes before then being presented to you in an easy-to-digest format. Just a few minutes ‘tinkering’ around on Drafthound will get you comfortable with all the tools that are available to you. If you need any extra help, there are always the guide articles telling you how to use every part of the Drafthound site.

We incorporate information from odds compilers into our data at Drafthound. These guys are the mathematical brains behind the bookmakers. The reason we use them? Well, odds compilers are making daily predictions which are very relevant when it comes to selecting your next captain or giving you some further insight into what players to buy or sell.

Drafthound is suitable for FPL players of all levels to use. It can be used by absolutely everyone who plays fantasy football, at any stage of the season. Anders alludes to the “geeky” levels of information made available to all users. The site is perfect for a ‘quick-fix’ solution while also providing you with everything you need FPL-wise for more in-depth data analysis, if that’s your thing.

Watch the full interview here.

We wish Anders the best of luck for the remainder of the season. Hopefully he can lead ‘Ettruppen’ to glory and etch his name in FPL history.

Yours truly,

The Drafthouhd Team

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