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Privacy Policy

Updated: 25th February 2021

Drafthound ApS (company registration number: 40369171) (“Drafthound”, “We”, “Us”) built the Drafthound website (the “Site”) as an “ad supported” website. This Site is provided by Drafthound at no cost and is intended for use “as is”.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data if anyone uses the Site.

Children's privacy and age restrictions

This Site and its services do not address anyone under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 18. In the case We discover that a child under 18 has provided us with personal data, we immediately delete this from our servers. If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your child has provided Us with personal data, please contact Us immediately so that we will be able to take the necessary actions.

Collecting information about you

We collect personal data about you whenever you use the Site. Some of it is information you give Us directly if you sign up or register for an account, and other information is collected as you interact with Us by using the Site or if you contact Us with a query.

Information We get from you

You can browse the Site without being required to give us any personal data, although, as We explain below, will collect some information from the device you are using. If you register your email, We may collect more information about your profile. If you contact us with a query or complaint, We will record your contact information and details of your query.

Information We get from your device

We collect information from the devices you use to access the Site. This includes the following: your IP address (a number that identifies a specific device on the internet and is required for your device to communicate with websites), hardware model, operating system and version, software, user agent, device information, preferred language, serial numbers, device motion information, mobile network information and location data.

We collect web server log files, which may include information such as dates and times of access, the features or pages you view, site crashes and other system activity, the third-party site or service you were using immediately before you came to our Site, and the URL you go to immediately after leaving our Site.

Our Site may also use Hotjar. Hotjar is a third-party service that assists Us by providing recording services, which record mouse clicks and movements, page scrolling and any text you key into forms on the Site. This data helps Us to improve our Site, find and fix errors and improve Site functionality and is also used for statistical reporting about Site use and performance.

Information We get via cookies

'Cookies' are small text files stored in your web browser that enable Us to recognise your computer when you visit our Site. Cookies are essential to keep certain parts of our Site functioning correctly and securely. We also use them to make things quicker, easier and more personal to you, and to help Us understand how our Site is used. They can also be used to present you with more tailored content or advertising.

To do all of these things, cookies collect some personal data about you whenever you use our Site. You can choose whether to accept or reject some or all types of cookies through your device's browser settings. We will make you aware of this by showing you our cookie banner when you visit our Site. If you then continue to use our Site without adjusting your browser settings, We will use cookies as set out in the sections below, so to help you make an informed choice, you need to understand why We use the different types of cookie and what that means for your online experience. This section provides you with a summary of the main points and tells you how switching off the different types of cookie will affect your experience on our Site.

Most cookies we use are "session cookies," which are automatically deleted at the end of a browsing session, but We also use "persistent" cookies. These stay on your hard drive and We use them to automatically recognise you as the same visitor when you return to our Site. The cookie itself contains no personally identifiable information about you but it does pass an ID to our server which allows Us to tie the cookie to you so We can update the Site to let you know what has changed since your last visit.

“Necessary cookies”: help with the basic functionality of our Site

These cookies allow our Site to remember choices you have made, such as your cookie preferences, your preferred odds format, filter settings and whether you have been through the onboarding process. They help us keep you logged into your account as you navigate around our Site, and enable you to use features such as syncing your team. These cookies are saved in your local storage and are not stored anywhere on our servers or service providers.

Without these cookies, your experience of the Site will be impacted negatively. A few examples of the ways in which We use necessary cookies:

  • to save searches across page navigation;
  • to save your preferred odds format;
  • to know that you have completed the onboarding process;
  • to store your cookie preferences; and
  • keeping your FPL credentials saved for syncing your team.

“Analytics cookies”: make it possible to gather statistics about the use and traffic on our Site

These cookies collect information about how people use our Site and how the Site is performing, e.g. how many people visit, which pages are most popular and whether and where people see error messages. They also ensure that We can pay and receive payment from our commercial partners correctly for users they refer and vice versa.

A few examples of the ways in which We use analytical cookies:

  • to identify trends about how people navigate around our Site;
  • to help us keep our content relevant and up to date;
  • to count the number of times a page or email has been viewed and help us measure the effectiveness of our content and communication; and
  • to improve the functioning of our Site.

Our Site and some of the emails that We send also contain small invisible images known as 'tracking pixels'. These are used to count the number of times the page or email has been viewed and help Us measure the effectiveness of our marketing. The tracking pixels are anonymous and do not contain or collect any information that identifies you as an individual.

“Marketing cookies”: make it possible to show you more relevant content

These cookies are used to deliver adverts and content that are more relevant to you as well as to limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The cookies remember that you have visited a website, and We may share this information with a third-party organisation, for advertising purposes. We also use them to test and improve our products and services by, for example, trying out different product experiences with different groups of customers to see which is most popular (also known as “split testing”).

We may promote or sell space on our Site to advertisers, and the resulting adverts often contain cookies. We also place cookies to collect non-personal data about visitors to the Site that we then sell to advertisers. The information allows Us and them to identify you as the same online visitor, even though it does not tell them who you are.

We use cookies placed by third-party companies including Google Analytics, Firebase, Facebook and Autopilot, to collect non-personal data that is used for online behavioural advertising purposes.

Controlling my cookies

All modern browsers allow you to see what cookies you have, and to clear them individually or in their entirety by changing your cookie settings. For more information on how to clear and tailor which cookies are stored in your browser, please refer to the following guides:

Information We get from social media

If you raise a query or a complaint through one of our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, your information will be stored on these sites in accordance with their policies.

How and why We use your personal data

We use the information that We hold about you in a range of different ways, which fall into these broad categories:

  • Things We need to do in order to provide you with the products or services you have requested;
  • Things We need to do to meet legal or regulatory obligations;
  • Things that enable Us to run our business effectively and efficiently; and
  • Things We do with your consent for marketing purposes.

We are telling you this because European data protection regulation gives you rights over your personal data, which differ according to which of these categories it falls into. This section explains more about each category, the rights it gives you, how to exercise them and what that means in practice.

Providing our services

As you would expect, We use your personal data to provide you with our services; respond to queries and provide you with the best possible level of customer service. We use technical information about your device, such as operating system, browser version and location to present you with the correct version of our Site and keep it functioning securely and correctly.

Like most organisations, to provide our products and services, We share your information with external organisations working on our behalf.

This category covers everything that is essential for Us to provide you with the service(s) you use or sign up for. If you don't want your data used in this way, your option is to not use our Site and related services.

Meeting our obligations: Legal and regulatory requirements

We need to comply with a range of legal and regulatory requirements, some of which involve the use of personal data and/or set timescales for which We need to keep that information. Where necessary, We may use any of the personal data We hold about you to help us comply with these requirements. We may also use it to ensure that our products and services are not used for illegal purposes.

We are also subject to the requirements of laws and regulations relating to other aspects of our business, such as complaint handling or advertising and marketing and some of these too involve the use of, or set timescales for holding, your personal data.

This category covers activities that We are obliged to do in order to provide our products and services legally, responsibly, and in line with the requirements of our regulators, and ultimately to protect our customers and our business. If you don't want your data used in this way your option is to not use our Site and related services.

Running our business effectively and efficiently

There are some things that We do to help us operate as a commercial organisation. We have a legitimate interest in carrying out these activities, and where they involve using your personal data, We are careful to carry them out in a way that minimises any impact on your privacy.

Business insights

We carry out basic analytics to help Us understand, how, when, where and why our customers use our services, and how our business is performing. This helps us monitor and plan everything from the effectiveness of our advertising through to ensuring that We have enough staff available to handle queries at peak times. It also gives us a much clearer picture of our customers generally, the broad demographic groups they fit into (e.g. age group, gender, location, etc.) and the products and services they use, which in turn helps Us to develop better and more relevant features, products and services. We do this analysis in a way that does not identify individual customers so there is no impact on the privacy of any one person.

Giving you a more personal experience

Whichever products or services you use, wherever and however you interact with Us, We want to give you the same great level of service and make it personal to you. We will tailor your experience, personalising the layout and content of our Site according to what We know about you, your preferences and how you like to use our services. For example, We will present you with features that We know you have used or think you are likely to use, and personalise search results to show more relevant results first.

We also look at aggregated (non-identifiable) data showing the products and features our customers use and based on that, We suggest products and features that We think you will enjoy because they are popular with other people who use the same products and features as you.

Protecting our commercial interests

Most people use our products and services fairly, but if We become aware of account activity or behaviour that breaches our terms and conditions or could be prejudicial to our commercial interests, we will investigate.

Market Research

We will occasionally invite you to give feedback on services that you have used or to take part in customer surveys, questionnaires or focus groups, for example using third-party services such as Typeform. Taking part in research is always voluntary, and where We use a third-party, We do not pass over any details (other than your contact details so they can send you the initial request or invitation) unless and until We have your consent to do so.

Things We do with your consent: Marketing

Direct marketing

We will send you offers and information only if you have given your consent for us to do so, in which case we will contact you via the mediums that you have granted us permission (e.g. email, push notifications etc.).

Advertising on social media

If you have given your consent to marketing, We may work with social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to provide you with information about our products and services via their platforms. If you do not wish to see these adverts, you can control this easily by disabling preference-based marketing in the privacy settings on each individual platform.

Even if you have withdrawn your consent, you may still occasionally see general adverts for our group products and services on your social media feeds. These will not be specifically targeted to you, and again, you can control this via the privacy settings on each platform.

Online behavioural advertising

We use cookies placed by third-parties to collect data about your browsing activity, which is then grouped with data about what other people with similar interests and characteristics (in terms of age, gender, location, etc. are looking at). The combined information is used to show you online adverts based on those interests, either for our own products and services or those of a third-party (this is known as 'online behavioural advertising'). You can find out more about preventing this in the section about “cookies”.

Push notifications

If you are using an Android or desktop device, you may receive push notifications if you have consented during the onboarding process or afterwards using the consent forms. These can be easily disabled on the Site, or alternatively through your phone or device's settings.

Sharing your information

Third-party bookmakers

We will share certain information with the third-party bookmakers with which you indicate you would like to open an account (simply to establish that you accessed their site via links from Us). These third-party bookmakers will then use your personal data in accordance with their own privacy policies. Each bookmaker has its own privacy policy so you are advised to refer to the relevant policy and ensure you are happy with the way your data will be used before opening your account.

Companies that provide services on our behalf

We may share your personal data with external organisations that carry out a range of services on our behalf for the purposes in this policy. The main functions that are, or may be, carried out fully or in part by third-parties are listed below:

  • Account set-up
  • Management and execution of marketing campaigns
  • Customer services
  • Checks to help us detect unfair use of our products and services
  • Web hosting, online content services and data storage
  • Management of competitions, contests and offers
  • Data analytics and data cleansing
  • Market research and collecting or analysing customer feedback
  • IT services and support
  • Audit-, legal- and compliance- related services

We carry out checks to ensure that the companies that we work with will give your information the same level of care and protection as we do. Both We and they are obliged to handle your information in accordance with applicable data protection law, and We are also required to put in place contractual measures reinforcing those obligations.

Other circumstances in which We may share your personal data

Apart from the functions set out above, We do not share your personal data with third-parties except where we are compelled or permitted by law to do so. These circumstances are rare, but may require Us to share information with the police, courts or other law enforcement agencies, statutory bodies (in relation to matters such as taxation) and sporting bodies (in connection with sporting integrity issues), in any of the countries in which We operate.

Where necessary to protect or defend our rights and interests, resolve disputes or enforce our agreements, We will share personal data with our regulators, external legal advisors and debt recovery and tracing agencies, although again these circumstances are rare.

If ownership of all or part of our business changes or We undergo a reorganisation or restructure, We will transfer your personal data to the new owner or successor company so We or they can continue to provide the services that you have requested.

Whenever We share personal data, and whatever the circumstances, We will always do so legally and with due regard to your privacy.

How long do We keep your information?

We hold your personal data only as long as We have a valid legal reason to do so, which includes providing you with the services you have requested, meeting our legal and regulatory obligations, resolving disputes and enforcing our agreements.

The length of time for which We keep different types of personal data can vary depending on why we originally obtained them, the reason we process them and the legal requirements that apply to them. When setting our data retention and deletion timescales, “e take into account a range of factors and requirements including: gambling regulation, anti-money laundering rules, tax rules, payment industry requirements, complaint handling standards, the need to prevent or detect crime or other misuse of our services, and audit requirements.

To fulfil our various requirements and obligations, some of your personal data will need to be retained for a period of time after you cease to be a customer.

When We no longer need your personal data to fulfil the above requirements, We delete it securely. Please note that if you opt out of receiving marketing from us, We will still need to keep your contact details in order to suppress them from future marketing activity.

Links to third-party sites

Sometimes our Site provides links to those of third-parties (including bookmakers). These organisations and sites will have their own privacy policies which will not be the same as ours so when you visit one of these sites, check that you are happy with their privacy policy before providing them with any personal data.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries about how We handle your personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer here, including enquiries about how to request and exercise your rights.